The INCAlab is located in the Western Interdisciplinary Research Building at Western University (London, Canada). Our projects involve collaborations with researchers at the Robarts Research Institute, Centre For Functional and Metabolic Mapping, and the Lawson Health Research Institute . If you are interested in joining the lab, get in touch. Students can apply to the Neuroscience Graduate Program.

Our program of research focuses on developing an integrated understanding of the organization, function and age-related vulnerability of the cholinergic system. The projects currently underway in my lab ask the following questions: How can the organization of the brain's cholinergic projections inform our understanding of cortical networks and cognition? How does cholinergic modulation affect cortical activity and encoding? Why are certain cholinergic neurons selectively vulnerable to neurodegenerative diseases of aging, such as Alzheimer's? How do the vulnerabilities of cholinergic neurons influence pre-symptomatic disease trajectories? How can we better treat cholinergic dysfunction with personalized lifestyle and pharmacological interventions?